Refund Policy

What is the return and exchange policy for Mentoos? What is the operation?
  1. 1. The returns and exchange policy at Mentoos allows you to return or exchange anything for any reason within the given return/exchange term.
  2. 2. We simply ask that you do not use the product and keep it in its original package and condition.
  3. 3. You are welcome to try on a product, but please take reasonable precautions to ensure that it remains in good condition.

There are two options for returning the item to us:

  1. We provide free pick up in most places. When you submit a return request, you will see a pickup option.
  2. If we do not have a pick-up location available, you can self-ship. If it satisfies the return policy and you've shared a scanned copy of the courier receipt with us, we'll repay the delivery expenses as Mentoos Voucher.
  3. 3. Our delivery agent may undertake a quality check on the return during Pick Up.
  4. If the pick-up is successful, we will begin a doorstep refund for the return money into the refund option indicated at the time the return request was initiated.
  5. This doorstep refund may not be available for some pin codes, in which case the refund will be issued once the goods has been received at our warehouse and passed a quality check.
  6. If the picked-up product fails the quality check, we will mail it back to you.
  7. If you prefer to exchange the item due to a size mismatch or the arrival of a damaged item, you will be issued with a free replacement.
  8. However, all exchanges are subject to stock availability and your address being serviceable for an exchange.
  9. Remember that you have the right to exchange things purchased on Mentoos for the same or other sizes of the same design, or for any other item of the same or different value from Mentoos within the stipulated exchange time, provided your address is functional for an exchange.
This Policy is subject to the EXCEPTIONS and RULES listed below:
  1. All products returned or exchanged must be unused and in their original condition, with all tags and packing still attached (for e.g. shoes must be packed in the original shoe box).
    • If you choose to exchange an item purchased on Mentoos for the same or a different size of the same design within the stipulated exchange period, you will be provided with a new item free of cost.
    • If you choose to exchange an item purchased on Mentoos for another item of equal or greater value from Mentoos.
    • In this situation, if the exchanged item is of higher value, the difference will be charged to you, and if the exchanged item is of lower value, the difference will be repaid to you when the original item is successfully picked up from you.
    • The applicable refund for exchange will be issued when you successfully pick up the original item.
  2. Exchanges are only allowed for pincodes that are exchangeable.
  3. Item cannot be exchanged for multiple products, and you may only exchange one item.
  4. While the consumer can exchange many items at once by submitting multiple exchange requests for each item.
  5. Non- returnable products/categories cannot be exchanged.
  6. Mentoos reserves the right to ban exchange of products purchased on Mentoos if the client abuses or misuses this policy in any manner, as decided in Mentoos' T&C.
  7. If you purchased an item with a free gift/offer attached to it and desire to return the primary item, you must also return the free product.
  8. Mentoos shall not be made responsible for items returned by mistake.
  9. If you are self-shipping your returns, please pack them carefully to avoid loss or damage during transit.
  10. We recommend that you use a reputable courier provider for any self-shipped returns.
  11. If you self-ship your returns, your shipping expenses will be repaid if your return meets our Returns and Exchange Policy and you provide and authenticate the image of the courier receipt.
  12. For self-ship returns, refunds will be issued only if the returned items pass a quality inspection at the warehouse. If the quality check fails, your order will be reshipped to you.
How can I make a Mentoos exchange request?

If you want to exchange a Mentoos product, please follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. You may create an exchange for items purchased from Mentoos within the allowed return/exchange period (see the product details page for more information) in the "My Orders" area of the App/Website.
  2. If your address is serviceable for exchange, you will be allowed to proceed and receive an exchange id. Please note down your exchange id for future reference.
  3. Ensure that the product is unused, unwashed, and has all of the tags attached.
  4. Hand over the original goods to our delivery staff and accept the replacement item from him.
  5. Please make sure you have the original item with you at the same address where the exchange item will be delivered.
  6. At any time, you can track the status of your exchange requests under “My Orders” of App/Website
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